Student Leaders


These are our Student Leaders for 2023. Congratulations to you all. Student Leaders are selected by our students and staff each year. Each student completes a programme that focuses on leadership skills. They are given opportunities to practise these skills in a variety of ways e.g. as duty monitors, organising of school fundraising events, community work.


Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award

Congratulations to our Student Leader Logan True who was presented with the Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award at hui. He was given this award because he consistently shows our school values of Excellence, Fun, Compassion, Integrity and Teamwork. He is known and respected by all students from year 1 through to 6. Logan goes out of his was to help and support students in his classroom setting. He is known by all staff members, where he often offers to help them in the playground. Through this act he is seen to be a caring and compassionate young man. He is a valued member of the School Basketball team and has shown to be humble, he listens to feedback given by the coach and will try to implement the advice that has been given to him. He is respected and relied on by his team. Logan has given back to the wider community and through various activities he has collaborated with other students leaders to  organise fundraising events and this has been successful thus far. Logan is consistently encouraging other students to do their best and try new things. He never gives up when he is faced with a challenge. Logan is a polite, well mannered young man who always makes good choices in and out of the classroom.

Congratulations Logan, we are so proud of you!