Support for Students

Our school operates an extensive range of support for pupils who need extra support in learning or behaviour. The school will also discuss with parents about their child’s inclusion in any special programme.

Personal, Physical Development and Wellbeing

Dental Nurses – Attend the school approximately every six months.
Hearing and Vision Testing – Test all year 1 students and pupils who have had concerns in the past
Individual Education Plans – Teachers, Parents and specialists work together to devise an educational plan for students with special needs
Group Special Education – Teachers and psychologists provide support for the severest behavioral problems
Occupational Therapists – Support and funding can be obtained to respond to specific medial conditions
Ongoing Resource Scheme – funding is provided by Group Special Education to provide teacher aide and equipment support for children who will have ongoing needs
Health Camp – Referrals are made in conjunction with additional agencies e.g. Social Worker in Schools, Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nurse – is available to the school to work with students and families
Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour – Referrals are made by the school to help support the student and their classroom teacher in a wide range of areas
Speech Language Therapist – Referrals made by the school
Swis Worker – We have a Social Worker in Schools, who works with families who need extra support​

Learning Assistance Programmes
Early Interventions – Usually initiated by the pre-school and active in the student’s transition to school (Group Special Education)